The Retirement Plan: A Simple Step Preparation

The retirement plan is a must when for me  in my middle age. Although we still healthy and strong, there’s no certainty in life, so everybody who want to live in same level the way we used to live really need a future plan to retire happily.

First thing first of course the health insurance is a must in a retirement plan. Many change in our life, including our health. Even for those who have a very good lifestyle, eating healthy organic food, exercise regularly, have some good and productive hobbies, have some good friends. Even tough only for a basic coverage.

Cost of living is an important point in a retirement plan. Don’t forget that inflation is a factor to sum up. Almost every year there an increase in cost of living. If there’s no income increase, how can we do meet the end with the same amount of money? of course beside a huge tight money policy, we must get another income.  Cut size down sometimes help significantly. If we live in a big house with big expenses, we can downsize to a new smaller one, or rent it out so we can have some additional revenue.

How about saving? Of course saving is important for a retirement plan. We can spend it for daily expenses, invest it in some papers, real estate, bonds, gold, foreign currencies or some art work. Saving also important if we plan to have some travelling in retirement time. Saving also needed for extra expenses in health issue, charity project or reserve for some months expenses. Some unintentional  evidence.

How Quickly Could You Downsize If You Had To?

Just make sure that whatever we want to do in our retirement plan, we have at least basic coverage for our health, enough money for daily, weekly and monthly expenses and enough saving for extra expenses. Make sure that all the money we have work good and smart enough for us, so we can have a happy retirement time.


The Vision

What kind of life you want to live in our life? Now, tomorrow, later? Of course for short term goal, finishing our duty, our task, some obligation as a wife, daughter or son of our parents, as a mother or father of our children. even a good citizen.

Time goes by, suddenly we 30, 40, 50. Lucky if we’re a good health, even still manage to a good shape, How’s our financial? is it good either? Enough saving for a good and comfort living after retirement? Or want do downsize everything in order to live efficiently, interest or loan free, move to a rural village, start our green and healthy natural life style? Volunteering while travelling, making some documentaries, try to live in remote and distinct places, go to the very unpopular yet exotic not mainstream  beaches, forest, hill, valley a lot of must go places

A lot of thing to do before we die. You only life once. Just visualize and draw what kind life you want to live in, what kind of thing you want to do. Where do you want to go, what kind of place you want to visit most or live there. Visualize and start our step toward them.  Nothing possible if we start prepare it from now. Saving, investing than harvesting.

How good it would be, live in a cottage near the beach. The white sand I can touch and feel with my bare feet. The waves splash and touch my skin, the wind blow my hair. The seagulls love to soar to others. How good it would be drinking some coffee or tea or hot chocolate, watching the sunset from our very own porch. How I love to live in a white limestone facade house, upfront the beach. A bit hilly so I can see a wide horizons, wide and borderless.

Those vision make me stronger and  full of spirit. A guidance to the life I want to live in and don’t mind for a hard days and times now.




The Preparation

No matter how old we are now, we lead to the retirement phase.  For who’s 40 and more, the word pension, retired a bit burdening and stressing. How old we want to quit our job? Some of us want to have early pension. Other want to resign in younger age, then spend their time as a traveler, their hobbies, families. A lot of we can do if there’s no certain obligation to our job.

Preparation is the key for a good retirement. Of course we need enough money, who doesn’t? But the money must work for us, if we want to retire in our standard.  Is there any one who want to take lower standard of life? Most of us can;t bear it. Once you have in certain way, do you even want to reduce or lose it? Unless something extremely bad happen and we have no choice left.

Some people start to have their own business while working somewhere else. Some just waited until they leave the job and start their own office. Whatever it is, it’s our choice. Just don’t let the spirits gone, wasting too much time on unwanted jobs.

There so many ways to start the business. Some even doesn’t need much money. Some class we can join easily. Now days community, just need an approval to join this. Of course there’a process behind for filtering. Once you join a community, not only in real world, also a lot of online community, you can get the most benefit of them.

Just find our true passion. Live it, make our self good in it.  Make it works and making some money for us. The shifting economy allowed us to have money with unimaginable ways never done before. It’s clearly enough, involving or step a side.

Some very old people still willing to learn the new things. Why we must give a way every change in our life happen. Nothing stay the same except the change it self, doesn’t it?