The PA

PA stand for Pathogen Analysis. It’s a standard procedure after an operation. PA needed to make sure, were the preparatory, the myoma from my uterus might sign to be dangerous or just an ordinary substance. That’s why sometimes the surgery ask or recommend the patient to do the pathogen analysis. This was made to make the patient sure and feel free from the unnecessary and negative thought.

So, to ensure that everything’s good and normal, my hubby took the preparatory to the pathogen analysis laboratory.  It usually took around 1 or 2 weeks, to finish the analysis. Little did we know that the process can’t be replaced, so my hubby go to the lab to fill the form and finish the administration. Later the result also can’t be deliver to another person, only the patient or their family.

Later when result has been done, the conclusion on a single note, need to be brought to the gynecologist to the next treatment the patient needed. It was just a normal fibroid, non cancerous. It’s written clearly and briefly signed by the head of the facility, for attention to my gynecologist. I couldn’t imagine how it would be such a horrible nightmare if the result different. How I had to prepare the next treatment and the medicine I had to take, the special diet and strict food restriction. Thank God, it’s fine.

For the detail I must wait the next examination and consultation. The physical  examination also needed regularly, every 3 or 6 months to control the early stage growth or regrowth inside. Actually, there are common case that most women don’t visit their gynecologist regularly and take a pap smear test every certain months as recommended. Mostly, including me only see the doctors when I feel something wrong with my body and felt not well. Oh well, at least the pathogen analysis makes us a little bit safe and secure.


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