On Tuesday evening after the examination, I can get down from the hospital bed and try to walk. Lucky there’s no sign of dizziness or nausea. I could change into my ordinary clothes, I might go to the bathroom by my self. No need to put the yellow ribbon again. No more fall risk patient. It’s very relief that my patience waiting more than 24 hours,  has a good result.

A little bit accident turn into blessing. I accidentally put off the intravenous drip valve, so the nurse need to put it in in another vein.  So I ask the nurse to contact the doctor whether  I didn’t need it anymore. Well finally the doctor agreed and it’s a good news. I could sleep tight and easily without the infuse valve.  It’s free to move, I even try to roam on the nurse station outside.

My husband had to go to work on Tuesday so he visited me after the office hours in the night. Actually, a family member allowed to stay to accompany the patient for a better caring and to make the patient more comfort.  My roommate’s husband always stay beside her. I think he should take some unpaid leave from his work. But with his wife condition labile and so weak, how can he work easily? My husband  not always stay by my side after the surgery. But our daughter need him too. Beside how could I ask him to sleep there in a folding bed or mattress on cold and narrow corner of the room. Our house only around one or two kilometers from the hospital. If something bad happened to me, he  could be contacted easily.

It was so relief the second night in the hospital, I could sleep tight until the next morning. The nurse even pull the curtain close it tight and turn off the lamp. I think the best dream I had, was going home tomorrow,


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