The Roommate

The first class in patient facility that my health insurance cover, has two beds for two patient as the hospital roommate. It was coincidence. My name and my roommate’s  name were almost similar. She’s one of the referral patient from other health facility who needed intensive care and nursing. So she was being sent in.

The case was her weak uterus, earlier contraction led to miscarriage.  It’s the second chance. The first one didn’t make it, so they, the young nice couple decide to have intensive care pre natal treatment. It’s a complicated case. Need a lot of patience, time, energy consuming and a high cost hopefully their insurance company cover it.

With the myoma, the fibroid inside, my uterus force to contract as a reaction that led to high and heavy bleeding periods. Well actually both of our case could lead to dangerous situation, in her case involving her unborn too. How lucky I was. My two pregnancy healthy with no serious indication and problems. In many cases, the pregnancy it self could be a threat to both mother and the baby.

I was just lying in my bed, waiting for after 24 hours to lift my head and my chin then I can try to sit.  I was able to sleep on two other side, so I wouldn’t feel  my body ache n shore. I hadn’t come down my bed, waiting for the nurse to prepare and check my condition. But for sure it soon will be done.

My room mate, must obey the doctor’s order to just lying still, she couldn’t barely change into the  other position. Every single move consider to have a serious impact to the womb and could harm her baby inside. Since I was in, there are many kind of treatment that must be done to keep her and the baby safe. I remember a very old story about an Italian actress who desperately want to have her own baby and need a total bed rest for her two pregnancies. That’s a mothers instinct.  A truly sacrifice. Her name is Sophia Loren

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