It was a middle hot bright day on the third Monday of November when they push the bed through the isles, into the elevator up to the third floor. My body was barely cold, I felt so cold for the next 2 or 3 hours later under the influence sedation effect. I can sense the cold, but couldn’t  move my limb, my half body.

The thought about the paralyzed body that permanently can not move, made me feel grateful of how lucky I was healthy and complete. Sometimes we just missed something when we don’t have it anymore. We used to think and felt walking, running and moving anywhere freely as an ordinary, but how if we were the paralyzed body that need tools, device and help only to move, a single subtle move.  How lucky, I couldn’t imagine how frustrate and bad I would be.

The anesthetist told me to move and exercise my muscle, anytime I regain my nerve back. He also asked me to lye side by side, to a better body adaptation. But he told me not to lift up my head in 24 hours after the surgery. It could lead to dizziness and nausea that should be avoid after a surgery. Soon I regain my half lower body consciousness and try to move it little by little.  It didn’t feel hurt, just a little bit heavy sensation. A bit hard on first trial.

The nurse told me to eat anything I want,  No diet an restriction.  So my Husband fed me. I was so thirsty yet hungry. The last meal I took was the evening before. The food and the fluids intake were strictly prohibited before the surgery. Well I was glad I could drink and eat again.

The paralyzed sensation only temporary.  That’s the way the gynecologist could pull the myoma out without incision. I felt relief because the procedure end up succeed. No incision and I sill have my uterus with me.

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