The Surgery

It was almost the middle of the day when the gynecologist arrived to do the myoma surgery procedure. She was a bit surprise met me two week after she gave me the surgery referral. I was supposed to come the week before, but there’re some situations prohibit me from earlier treatment. I was lucky on that day no other surgery schedule, the anesthetist  even look sleepy and a bit boring while waiting. So everybody feel relief when she finally show up, after finishing the other surgery in another hospital.

The anesthetist  gave me two shot on my spinal. It felt hurt, a bit strange but what can I do, it was the only way it should be done. It felt strange and didn’t  take so long before I couldn’t barely move my limb. I felt motionless, I could feel n sense but couldn’t barely move my lower body even for a single gently motion.

The lamps was so bright, I was awake with eyes wide open couldn’t move my half lower body but wasn’t feel pain at all. The surgery assistants even try to mock each other and asked me some silly questions, just to make me feel relax. The blood pressure monitor in my upper arm beeped the signal every several minute to make sure my condition was stable.

I sense a bit pulling down move from my stomach. It must be the time when the surgeon pulled  the myomat. the uteri fibroid out  my womb. It just a little bit weird sensation but not hurt at all. All I could do was waiting, praying, have some thought and always in state of positive thinking. The surrender to whatever will be, made me peaceful, relax, positive and unafraid not  worried at all.

Thank God, the procedure succeed. As the plan before, the fibroid successfully been pull out without incision. There some blood and normal bleeding. The gynecologist check it again later, make everything’s good before they send me to the in patient facility. It was the middle day around 2.

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