The Aftermath

I recovered soon. There’s no after surgery abnormal bleeding. I found some of my friend visit me in, brought some fruits and food, glad and relief with the result. We used to share the good and the bad news, but I was a bit keeping this from them. Well actually I didn’t tell most of them about my condition. The myoma uteri, the uteri fibroid. are common in woman. Mostly woman around  40 with pre menopausal condition have the symptoms.  It’s just bothering or not, dangerous or normal. In my case it led to several heavy bleeding period cycles that made me loss too much blood, so I need an extreme treatment, the surgery.

The cause it self actually still a mystery. There are some factors that could fasten the fibroid growing: some diet, obesity factors, the unbalance hormones. The last one could be the main culprit of the abnormal and uncontrollable growing fibroid inside the uterus. Some cases even have a big enough fibroid and still manage to have normal activity.

My gynecologist visited me the day after. Made sure everything’s good. It was painful when she had to take the after surgery tampons out. No anesthetic use, so I bit my lips tried to hold the pain . She also told me that she sow the stem first before cut and pull it out to minimize the bleeding risk. The womb was also clear so I don’t need to worry about other fibroid anymore.

Actually it’s a bit strange because the consultant show me with the 4D USG picture before, some of small bump considered to be a very small myoma that could grow later. The two doctors have their own opinion, the first one that did the surgery sense with her own hand an said it was clear and safe. The second one use the ultimate device. I think to minimize the regrow possibility is by a regular visit and examination to my gynecologist later.

The Examination

On Saturday morning, the female hospital gynecologist visit me on my second day  staying. I was good and fresh, I even took a shower before the lab technician  got some blood for the second test. I bet my hemoglobin level would be  good enough so I can go home.

Well last night I could sleep well, because they put of the intravenous infusion hose so I could sleep on my both side and that much better for me.  I also ate almost the meal all to boost my energy. It’s a very good and fast progress because I came in with a yellow ribbon in my arm. That mean a patient with falling down risk so need a companion even to the bath room. And look at me now, on Saturday morning I was much stronger, alive, healthy full of spirit.

The gynecologist told me to wait for her schedule later, so she can examine me better in her office later in the afternoon. Well, if it’s good and necessary, why not. It’s just a bit boring waiting her schedules.  The gynecologist that examined me was the second one, so I bring her the USG result from the first gynecologist. The second gynecologist, told me that my myoma was big enough and it’s a bit down to the cervic. That caused the contraction most.  My uterus rejected it as it a non identified substance. Some kind like a dangerous toxin that our body programmed to flush it out. It has a stem, so it categorized as myoma geburt. On mostly case it cause a very heavy bleeding periods.

She also told me that I was lucky and not late rushed to the hospital because of my very low hemoglobin. The almost 4 blood bags transfusion has succed to push up my hemoglobin level to 8,8. So I was safe enough to go home.


The Love and Patience

It was very early Friday when my husband brought me to the ER. It was a hectic and busy day, but in that situation, an emergency one that my husband couldn’t leave. There’s a lot of consent forms and some administration procedure that he must sign before the patience treatment. So somebody must take the responsibility about the in house patient. He was with me, in emergency room, he was also beside me when the nurses push my bed to the nursery room on the 5th floor. He even fed me the meal so I can regain my energy. Actually this is the third for me to be an in house patient. The first and the second before, were when I delivered our beautiful baby girls many years ago.

My hubby used to be very busy in his office, but that day, he had no choice except make a company of me. I saw him a little bit awkward,  not feeling comfort, tired, a bit nervous but maintained to be  calm and reliable, to make me feel comfort. He truly is my comforter, his shoulder made me feel safe and warm, his presence made my worried mind blown away.

I didn’t know what would I do without him, if he wasn’t with me at that moment. I used to be an independence woman, a woman for me, in my picture must be a strong creature because she must bear and nurture the children. But being a wife, it’s very nice that I have somebody who take a very good care of me. Who love me and be patience with me and accept me with all my everything. Not only my good side, but also my bad one. Someone that I can lean on, somebody to hold on.  Lucky I have him. Thanks Love, for your love and patience for caring me. I love you