The Procedure

Just imagine I must start from the beginning to make the insurance cover all the surgery procedure made me afraid and limp. A new doctor will interview me, examine and recommend me the next treatment. It would take a month or more for a queue in the public hospital that provide the procedure.

So to secure and close the gap and administration fuss later, I will go back to the hospital as a Emergency Patient. The first treatment was fully covered in cash. It was too hectic and critical situation when I need the card but I couldn’t barely find it. The administration procedure ask how I and my husband will the bill later. And because I couldn’t find the card while my hubby want me to get help as soon as possible, we pay it with the credit card.

Of course it a bit expensive, but at least the hospital record me clearly in the data base, so when I must come back later, it would be much easier. When on Friday and Saturday night. I had the heavy bleeding again, I know there are no other cancellation for my own shake and safety.

We came nearly 5 in the morning to the Emergency Room again. We had to wait, because it was rare, no patient that early morning. We wait about a half  hour before they start to do some test and put the intravenous needle in. The test for some blood indicators, the ECG (Electro Cardiogram) to record my heart beat, the thorax X Ray and than I can wait outside, waiting for the doctor to come.

I must fasting straight away even for drinking a little spoon of water. They’re all prohibited. Unfortunately, my gynecologist couldn’t come in time. Her schedule changed suddenly when she must do a C section surgery for another patient. I waited until almost mid day when finally she came and ready for the surgery.

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