I Made My Decision

Thorn between the two, if I choose laparoscopy instead of laparotomy, there’re only a few hospitals that have that medical procedure and services. I might have to pay it myself outside my insurance. The insurance can covered it, but first I have to wait in queue to have that procedure fully covered. I was so afraid that it would take a very long time and I didn’t have any.

Many public hospital can do the laparotomy for both myomektomy or hysterectomy. But imagine have a scar from the incision made me sick and nervous although I would going under the knife in half or fully sedated condition.

The procedure it self will be done only about 1 hour or 1 and a half. With regional anesthesia,  I wouldn’t feel any pain. Why would I risk my life hostile by something growing inside me. I just want to live my life normally, easily and full of productive activity. What can I do by lying helplessly and do nothing. In this case the time is key to save my own life.

Still the idea of hysterectomy made me have some butterfly in my stomach. So, the more I think of it, my choice was the myomectomy with the gynecologist that looked after me in the hospital before. She offered me to try her way first to remove the uteri fibroid out than move to another option if the first one is to difficult and dangerous. I think I should give her a chance to do the procedure, the myomectomy.

To entertain and cheer me me up and  my spirit I went out driving for a gathering with some friends.  Enjoy the meal and the time. Enjoy their company. I was a bit pale, my make up help a little though. The joy and happiness they bring boost my mood and spirit to carry on.

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