Going Home

I started Wednesday, the day after by taking shower. It was a bit cold but so fresh. I ate the breakfast and feeling so glad that there no negative indication that force me to stay longer. Yesterday the nurse, check my temperature and blood pressure every 1 or 2 hours and today a bit easy.

My aunt and uncle visited me in the morning. They came a bit earlier so I decide to meet them up on the waiting room outside. So we have some chit chat. I was healthy and didn’t look pale anymore, so the meet up was like ordinary one.

The last time I met her was about one month a go on a relative funeral. It’s been a very long since I met her and she straightly notice there were something wrong with me. I was so pale and not as usual. So I told her about the uteri fibroid, the myoma that made me on extreme dismenore condition.

Later we have an intense conversation on Whats App about it. She told me about her friend who has the same conditions and fainted, several time while teaching or in the office. Her condition and health improve much when she did myomektomy as the doctor’s order.¬† That’s why I told her about the operation and she seemed very relief.

It was the middle day when my hubby coming and we waited together for the doctor’s visit. The last examination before the patient can go home must be held. The doctor has to sign the patient status and condition. The gynecologist finally show up in the evening.

Well I was very relief¬† when they release the clear check and I can freely go home now. Actually it was a bit longer than we though, the administration process but it worth enough. We didn’t pay a dime for the procedure because we use the insurance exactly like it meant to be.


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