The Insurance Coverage

The insurance company offer a certain full coverage option in my case.  The surgery it self, since they must refer the hysterectomy in the memo as final treatment, consider as major surgery.  My insurance company explain it fully covered clearly, so nothing to worry about. The hospital usually has the mutual agreement but because it’s on different province, there would be a little bit complicated administration. For a better preparation, avoid the unnecessary fuss later, I even went to the branch office to correct my full name on it. Just a little different but better make it correct  before, so it won’t bother me later.

I also did some research and read a lot of articles about the cost other hospital and the insurance company coverage. It depend on what procedure I take. There are commonly two option : laparoscopy or laparotomy, both mostly apply on myomektomy and hysterectomy.

The laparoscopy let you only have two small incision and make you recover soon because the scar wouldn’t take too long to heal. The different with the laparotomy is the well known classical technical surgery with on stomach  incision to pull out the myoma. Laparoscopy is a new Technic in myomektomy  using the ultimate and expensive laser device. Only some big hospital provide the procedure.

In my case that need a fast treatment it may not good and I must wait for some months.  I just need to start from the first grade health facility to ask a referral again if I want to use my insurance and get the most benefit of it. It just an administration matter but sometimes bothering and ridiculously applied. Both of them fully cover in my insurance. I just not sure whether I have enough time.

The most important part is I need the surgery as soon as possible, I manage to prepare my self as good as I can. I took a good rest, eat good and enough food. I also try to relax and not thinking and worry to much for the surgery. Life must go on, right? I still am not feeling well  enough though. The low hemoglobin level made me a bit suffocated. It was hard to take a deep breath and breathing easily and freely.

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