The Consultant

The thought about which one I must chose because lack of time and  the urgency, brought me to the third consultation. The third female gynecologist in a big and fancy hospital. She was a bright star in gynecology section. A gynecologist consultant and sub specialist in fertility hormone. She has done many laparoscopy surgery and has a well known reputation among the gynecologist.

The gynecologist consultant examined me with 4 dimension Ultrasonography. It showed the myoma geburt as the diagnose before. The other additional yet detail is the root is deep down to the fundus. It also measure the size of it stem and the size of the myoma itself, roughly the size of a tennis ball. The normal size of a womb, a uterus has diameter around 7 cm, roughly as big as a duck egg. Some part of the myoma came down there in my cervix, so it easily be observed. The consultant also find more than 5 small sign of myoma to be in my uterus. There’s a possibility another one will grow replace the myoma removal. All that signs, lead to the conclusion and the doctors order before, that the myoma need to be removed out immediately.

I asked her about the myomektomy instead of hysterectomy, because soon I will entering my menopause cycle but she said that her patient is 57 and still has the menstruation regularly. If I chose hysterectomy I don’t have the cervical cancer risk anymore. Beside there are no correlation between the hysterectomy and woman sexual ability to have orgasm. some myth spread only the negative rumors not the clinical facts. The uterus itself didn’t produce any hormone and I don’t need to worry about earlier menopause. I still have my ovary to produce the ovum the egg and some hormones my body need,

Well it was clear that the doctor told me that the laparoscopy it self is the best option she would recommend me to do. it considered as a safest and lowest risk procedure for my condition.

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