The Option

The gynecologist seem didn’t surprise when I told her about the irregular yet heavy bleeding. The surgery option worried me much. The problem is the myoma need surgery soon, but I still am hesitated to that option. If I hold on to my decision, it could hostile me with anytime heavy bleeding, 3-4 times uncontrollable heavy periods in a month. That’s way too much and could lead to a shock for losing too much blood.

My doctor saw that it was hard and scare me to do the hysterectomy. So she ensure me about the surgery option.  First,  she will try her best first to pull the myoma out barely with her hand and examine my uterus, make sure everything’s good and nothing else to worry about. She would do that on a certain conditions that  my half upper body sedated, so I wouldn’t feel the pain. If it can’t be done, than she would make a stomach incision to pull the myoma out.

The surgery without incision  lower the bleeding risk and I can recovery so much sooner than with incision. Maybe in 1 or 2 days I will be good enough to go home and have a full recovery in 1 week with proper and good rest. The gynecologist recommended me to have the surgery as soon as possible. She even gave me a referral treatment  memo for the internist as a preparation before under the knife. But just in case the hysterectomy must be done, the myomektomy procedure  will be set as the priority and the first choice.

it so much dangerous and risky to put my self hanging and hostile by uncertain condition like this. The bleeding could happen anytime. Though the doctor gave me some medicine, the hormonal pills, the iron booster, also some pain killer to ease the pain and reduce the uterus contraction that made me heavy bleeding, the myoma inside was to big and dangerous to grow on.

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