My Periods

My periods usually very regular. It used to be every 24-25 days. It’s usually started with a thin layer of pink blood or 1 or 2 blood spot followed by the heavy bleeding on the day 2 or 3 around 3 days. Even though my periods a bit too heavy, I still manage with the iron booster pills.

Usually as I was in my childbearing years, a fertile phase, I use intra uterine device to avoid the pregnancy. My little girl is a teenager who doesn’t want a baby boy presence as her younger brother either. The intra uterine device (IUD) meant to stay good within with regular check up for 5 years. The gynecologist put it in nearly middle of 2013 and it went well until one day when I went to a shopping mall and need to use public toilet, it came out suddenly with the urine.

Of course I was shocked, a bit worry and have a bad thinking of that. First I thought it was something else on the toilet paper a piece of thin wire or wood.  It was not hurt or painful so while waiting for meet the gynecologist I consult my aunt who was a retired midwife. She told me it could happen in a very heavy periods. She even offering me another one if I need it, to make me comfort and easier.

Actually the pregnancy controller not only women part. Men can actively take part of them. There some option for men beside the condoms. If I chose the IUD it was because it’s easy, practical and not contain any hormone substance that bothering my periods cycle.

I never though that when the IUD came out, it’s a very early sign that something growing abnormally inside my womb. The very intense and heavy periods could lead to some very serious problem we must pay attention more.

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