He was far far away

My husband work as a public prosecutor in Attorney General Office. Some of his duty send him across the country. Some job ask him to fly far far away to European Country for around one week. An international event  or invitation must be attended by inter department delegation. My husband usually do the speech, involved in mutual agreement, mutual legal assistance and cooperation among the countries. His role is important enough so he even had to be an overseas frequent flyer.

Because of his busy daily schedule, I decided to be a stay at home mom, so every time my children need their parent, at least one of them, I always there for them. When I was sick, actually it was not a big problem because I live and stay in a big house with my parent in law. My  parent in law can take care my children. Not so much because the were old and got their own health problems. They even had to reschedule their trip for a doctor visit in other city around 7 hours trip by the train, while visiting their home town every 2 or 3 month.

That time, my husband must fly to Vienna, Austria, nearly a 20 hours direct flight from our city. He must be checked in that Saturday afternoon when I must revisit my doctor for a week control after going home from the hospital. So after preparing and do the last checking for the flight, my husband dropped me in to the hospital, waiting for around 1 hours together before the doctor arrived.  But he must leave soon. The traffic jam on Saturday could be very horrible sometimes. He could miss the flight.

So I sit alone on the lobby, waiting for my daughters to come. It’s their turn to accompany me. I couldn’t barely move even to the bathroom, afraid I might collapse, walking unbalance to the toilet.

Even though he love to stay, he couldn’t and I know I must be strong enough to carry on.


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