The Assistant

In my country, it’s common to have an assistant to do the chores. When my children were small, I have an assistant too, so I can take care and nurturing my children better. Some working usually hire a baby sitter. I prefer to take my children all by my self. It’s a good chance to make a strong bonding with them. A special relationship between a mother and the children. Beside, mostly I work from home. It makes my schedule flexible.

Some assistant paid to stay with us, do the chores and whatever household task she’s been ask for like cooking, cleaning, take care for the children, drop the children of to their school and pick them up. Some baby sitters are even waiting for them while they’re in school or play group class. It’s a bit different because some family spoil their children with so much attention just for the parents need of secure feeling while they must leave their children for working.

Actually my husband think that our children spoiled too much without giving them the house chores. so in middle of this year, I started to do all the chores again with some delegation to my girlsĀ  to make them more responsible and not spending too much time in their room. As for me it’s a chance to a little bit activity and exercise becauseĀ  usually I spend too much time sitting in front of my laptop doing some work.

The assistant took the chores especially in cleaning the house, manage the laundry, grocery shopping. The meal easily to find out there or just make an order to be delivered. I cook a little, only simple and easy meal for another option. But it’s clearly the assistant only help my house, not me. My body still isn’t feeling well. I got exhausted soon and easily.



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