Not good enough yet

It was very glad to go home. It just felt right. How good and fancy the nursing room you can afford in a hospital, it still was  not a home, it’s just a room. I tried to do some activity, the chores, slowly not force my self. Just to have something to do than lying in the bed almost all day.

My husband drove our girl to school. Dropped her by on the way to his office early in the morning. Later in the afternoon she could use the public transportation home. It’s just about 1 kilometers or 2 so it did’t take so much time that make me worried. She even can walk from home to school if she want and not so tired. But she rarely do that. A high school student always carry many book for some lesson. The school doesn’t have locker facility for the pupils. Some on line based transportation also help with another option. There’s gojek, grab and uber bike to chose. Mostly easier to call and have economical rate.

Well, although I was going easy with the chores, not took to many activity it’s clearly that I became tired soon. I just felt it’s different. A bit fever, unbalance mood, sleepy, weak and feeling incompetence. maybe because physically, the transfusion of some blood bags only consider to a minimum standard. I must boost the hemoglobin with the foods and medicine. How can we operate the system regularly if there’s a lack of oxygen on our blood delivered by a fewer transporter. But the food I took even though rich in iron, sometimes it doesn’t help much when I loss the appetite. I just ate when I was hungry to make my organ function well.  The appetizer didn’t help much.

It was clearly that I wasn’t good enough. Oh well not yet.


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