The Hemoglobin

My hemoglobin dropped extremely low. It was only 4.4. The normal standard for women is around 12-16. with a normal menstruation, it’s never in ideal level, how the world it could be in a good level for I got 3 to 4 times heavy periods because of the myoma inside. I was so lucky because the extra low hemoglobin didn’t made me shocked. Some patient got shocked, remain unconscious and could’t recuperate and never wake up again.  It’s was a right decision to find help right away in that critical situation. Thank God.

The hemoglobin, an iron containing blood transport metalloprotein in our  red blood cells to our whole body.  Imagine a lot of dump trucks unloading the deliverance of fresh blood rich in oxygen and loading the  blood with carbon dyoxide straight away.

The function is very vital for our life. As we take a breath, it’s the hemoglobine who deliver the oxygen. The lower level of hemoglobine in our blood, the fewer oxygen  level in our blood. A simple explanation why I felt so weak, fatigue and very ill. there wasn’t enough red blood cells to deliver the oxygen need. I need blood transfusion right away to lift it up. In a normal situation, some medicine and additional  food rich with iron could help. But in this emergency situation, the only way to help me is blood transfusion.

It was meant to transfuse 4 blood bags to leverage my hemoglobin. Theoretically it need 1 blood bag to lift 1 point hemoglobin level. One blood bag is around 350 cc and I need 4 bags, just to lift up and a safe zone. I lied down try to gain my strength while they prepare the transfusion. I was hungry, shaky and limp at that moment. Of course I remained conscious but couldn’t barely sleep. The waiting process seemed for so long. But at least I believe it safe, so much believe that I was in the right hand.

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