The Emergency Room

I managed to lie down for some times. It felt so horribly wrong, my head felt so heavy, hot, weird and ache at the moment. I felt all my body was ill and  so painful. it was so dizzy, unbalance and didn’t feel right at all.

I tried to sleep even though it’s hard with ache all over my body. I felt  cold but my temp is high enough like I’ve got some fever and cold. It’s just ain’t feel right at all.

It’s about 1.30 in the very early morning of the day when I woke up and felt wet and weak and very ill and need to go the bathroom immediately. Too much blood. The bleeding still continuing, it turn out that I step on my own blood. I must have some medical help otherwise I could day running out my own blood. It’s now, no more cancellation , I could die.

The myoma made me like a wounded soldier dying desperately need help. My husband took me to the nearest hospital, about 2-3 kilometers from our house. I lied down on the car seat, hoping it would help me ease a little bit pain and the bleeding.

The nurse asked me to lie down, the ER doctor examined me right away. They applying infuse , an intravenous fluids infusion. It could be dangerous that  I need to stay dehydrated.  They also examine my eyes because it’s clearly how pale it was. A blood test to determine my status held immediately. I waited and try to sleep but couldn’t taking even a short nap. The room was barely strange and comfortless. And the lamps were too bright and strong even when I close my eyes.

Finally they send me out to another room, an inpatient care facility. Firstly, although my circumstances should be observed on an ICU (Intensive Care Unit) room, but I refused to be there. The sound of those life supporting machines really stress me out.  A VIP room so much better, maybe I could sleep better there.

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