The intensive bleeding on some short interval periods in a month made me lose so much blood. It’s  a simple explanation why I was so weak and limp. Even in a normal periods, usually some women need some more rest or break.

I ate a lot of food to help my stamina, but still it didn’t help much. I also took some blood booster medicine, but it didn’t effect much either. I took some more sleep, I though I  could manage it and just need some more rest to heal. But it didn’t work at all.

Even in a heavy periods, normally I just need some thick napkins, changed after 3 or 4 hours regularly. In turn out that I need to change it immediately  after 30 minutes or just one hour use. The blood run out so quickly. The time was running out. The bleeding is so much uncontrollable.

It was nearly in the middle of the night when I need to go to the bath room and change my feminine napkins. It’s so horrible, the bleeding was so bad. I changed my pajamas, it was so much blood on the napkins even some clot on the floor. It was so scary. I sat on the toilet to gain some more strength. Then I tried to reach out the door knob but felt so exhausted and so light and unbalance that I need to lean on the wall. I lost my consciousness and fell down to the floor. My husband heard something went wrong and rush to knock the door but I remained silent and lied still consciousness on the floor inside. How did I know?

Later after 5 or 10 minutes I regained my consciousness and managed to stand up, leaned on the wall again and watched some of my own thick blood clot on the floor. What a mess. I managed to come out.



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