The Reaction

The first blood bag delivered nearly early morning. It dripped slowly, very much slowly like my body refused to. The process was delaying a bit too long and it wasn’t  good anymore. so they took it away and waited for another one.

The blood started to separate the component inside and if it entering my body in contradiction could harm my body, burdening my organ and could be dangerous.The second blood bag transported some hours after the administration procedure that I didn’t know.

How was I supposed to know when all I can do just lying helplessly . Even when I need to go to the bath room, my head  felt so bloody hot and boiling. I fainted again for the second time. The last think I remembered, I tried to reach out and hold the washing basin  before fell down and sitting on the floor. They gave me an antihistamine shot just in case my body show sign of refusal. Well it very much weird, bad, embarrassing also funny at the same time. My body  reacted  by spreading rash and small bump all over the skin. And my scalp went wild. It was very itchy, like I got a thousand lice on my head crawled  onto my  scalp and hair. I was desperately scratching and scratching until they gave another anti histamine shot.

I couldn’t barely sleep, since I arrived. Luckily I can eat well. Maybe too hungry and too much blood loss and need as soon as possible regeneration, recharge and redemption. Thank God my second and the third blood bag relatively went well. It was just a little bit fuss in dripping fluently, a little clog in the infuse valve but could  easily be fixed.

After my fourth blood bags, It’s clearly that I gained my strength very much much than when I first came. I think I could be home soon.


The Hemoglobin

My hemoglobin dropped extremely low. It was only 4.4. The normal standard for women is around 12-16. with a normal menstruation, it’s never in ideal level, how the world it could be in a good level for I got 3 to 4 times heavy periods because of the myoma inside. I was so lucky because the extra low hemoglobin didn’t made me shocked. Some patient got shocked, remain unconscious and could’t recuperate and never wake up again.  It’s was a right decision to find help right away in that critical situation. Thank God.

The hemoglobin, an iron containing blood transport metalloprotein in our  red blood cells to our whole body.  Imagine a lot of dump trucks unloading the deliverance of fresh blood rich in oxygen and loading the  blood with carbon dyoxide straight away.

The function is very vital for our life. As we take a breath, it’s the hemoglobine who deliver the oxygen. The lower level of hemoglobine in our blood, the fewer oxygen  level in our blood. A simple explanation why I felt so weak, fatigue and very ill. there wasn’t enough red blood cells to deliver the oxygen need. I need blood transfusion right away to lift it up. In a normal situation, some medicine and additional  food rich with iron could help. But in this emergency situation, the only way to help me is blood transfusion.

It was meant to transfuse 4 blood bags to leverage my hemoglobin. Theoretically it need 1 blood bag to lift 1 point hemoglobin level. One blood bag is around 350 cc and I need 4 bags, just to lift up and a safe zone. I lied down try to gain my strength while they prepare the transfusion. I was hungry, shaky and limp at that moment. Of course I remained conscious but couldn’t barely sleep. The waiting process seemed for so long. But at least I believe it safe, so much believe that I was in the right hand.

The Emergency Room

I managed to lie down for some times. It felt so horribly wrong, my head felt so heavy, hot, weird and ache at the moment. I felt all my body was ill and  so painful. it was so dizzy, unbalance and didn’t feel right at all.

I tried to sleep even though it’s hard with ache all over my body. I felt  cold but my temp is high enough like I’ve got some fever and cold. It’s just ain’t feel right at all.

It’s about 1.30 in the very early morning of the day when I woke up and felt wet and weak and very ill and need to go the bathroom immediately. Too much blood. The bleeding still continuing, it turn out that I step on my own blood. I must have some medical help otherwise I could day running out my own blood. It’s now, no more cancellation , I could die.

The myoma made me like a wounded soldier dying desperately need help. My husband took me to the nearest hospital, about 2-3 kilometers from our house. I lied down on the car seat, hoping it would help me ease a little bit pain and the bleeding.

The nurse asked me to lie down, the ER doctor examined me right away. They applying infuse , an intravenous fluids infusion. It could be dangerous that  I need to stay dehydrated.  They also examine my eyes because it’s clearly how pale it was. A blood test to determine my status held immediately. I waited and try to sleep but couldn’t taking even a short nap. The room was barely strange and comfortless. And the lamps were too bright and strong even when I close my eyes.

Finally they send me out to another room, an inpatient care facility. Firstly, although my circumstances should be observed on an ICU (Intensive Care Unit) room, but I refused to be there. The sound of those life supporting machines really stress me out.  A VIP room so much better, maybe I could sleep better there.


The intensive bleeding on some short interval periods in a month made me lose so much blood. It’s  a simple explanation why I was so weak and limp. Even in a normal periods, usually some women need some more rest or break.

I ate a lot of food to help my stamina, but still it didn’t help much. I also took some blood booster medicine, but it didn’t effect much either. I took some more sleep, I though I  could manage it and just need some more rest to heal. But it didn’t work at all.

Even in a heavy periods, normally I just need some thick napkins, changed after 3 or 4 hours regularly. In turn out that I need to change it immediately  after 30 minutes or just one hour use. The blood run out so quickly. The time was running out. The bleeding is so much uncontrollable.

It was nearly in the middle of the night when I need to go to the bath room and change my feminine napkins. It’s so horrible, the bleeding was so bad. I changed my pajamas, it was so much blood on the napkins even some clot on the floor. It was so scary. I sat on the toilet to gain some more strength. Then I tried to reach out the door knob but felt so exhausted and so light and unbalance that I need to lean on the wall. I lost my consciousness and fell down to the floor. My husband heard something went wrong and rush to knock the door but I remained silent and lied still consciousness on the floor inside. How did I know?

Later after 5 or 10 minutes I regained my consciousness and managed to stand up, leaned on the wall again and watched some of my own thick blood clot on the floor. What a mess. I managed to come out.