It’s getting worse

It was getting worse, my second experiment  on the medicine I took was gone bad. Well, actually it happened right away after I finished the third bottle of 3 times daily take after meals.

My periods went completely wrong, horrible and could lead to dangerous situation that threaten my own life. Normally, my periods come about 25-26 days. Since I took the garlic cloves herbal, it turn out to be very heavy and full blood clot. It’s very new and scare me. It also made me feel weak and limp.

I am a mother of two. My little girl  a 14 years girl still is in Junior high school.  My daily routine after preparing the breakfast is drive her to school. And  pick her up late in the afternoon. I was too limp for everyday chores. It’s embarrassing but mostly I just want to lie down, take a rest and have some sleep.

Of course it’s not my fault, it’s my circumstances that made me so weak. Imagine a wounded soldier got shot in a battle. Some one must press the wound strong, otherwise he will  loose too much blood and die. The normal blood loss during a periods it’s around 30-40 milliliter. and around 60 milliliter on heavy periods. In my circumstances, it was more than 60 milliliters and it happened in a very short interval.

My periods turn to be 3-4 times in a month. How come? My gynecologist told me that it’s the uterus that made a thick layer of blood and reacted to the myoma inside as a non recognized substance my uterus contracted to send it out. That’s the explanation of the painful contraction and cram during my periods.

I still  didn’t realized that was a critical phase that must be observed by my gynecologist or the other doctor intensively. I realized that something bad happened my body couldn’t hold it any longer.