The Second Trial

I put a side the cucumber juice and took the medicine my gynecologist gave me for about 10 days. Not sure if it work good or not, but I wasn’t feeling a good and significant improve on my health. I switch to another option, the single clove garlic and some natural herbals emulsion. It taste a bit tangy, weird and smelly, but who care if you need the the goodness inside.

My periods become much heavier than usual. There a lot of blood cloth and tissue on the napkins. The herbal medicine I took, mostly for detoxify the toxin in my body out. I don’t know which organ toxin from. If you took the alternatives medicine, usually they’re not clinically test and proven. Of course there’s some local wisdom about the healing property that a plant specially have and develop for its own shake. Garlic for example,  they have a lot of health benefits  inside,  beside rich in flavor. It may lower cancer risk and cholesterol. It also has anty-inflammatory effect also improves insulin sensitivity. What a lot of goodness in that miracle herbs, a truly heaven gift.

I hope the second herbal choice I took give a lot of healing property benefits my health. Of course it’s sound like an experiment. But why didn’t give it a try? Since it’s still hard for me lying on operating theater to remove my uterus out . Just imagine went under the knife made feel pain and scared.

Actually if I could choose, I still considering that the herbal medicine is the natural way my body can adapt to most. I truly am prefer the natural way because I have allergic reaction to some medicine and some substances. I though that the best way  to stay safe was avoid the triggers. Well I know that I must take some risk, but if it for our own shake, why not?


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