The Denial

I feel good and optimistic that at least I know the situation. I did some on line research, read a lot of article and publication about the myomas. Luckily myomas mostly non cancerous. It grows in uterus during the childbearing years.  Some women have symptoms some don’t so it went unnoticed. That’s why on some cases, it was  too late and it could lead to cancerous growth.

But surgery is scaring and it’s not simple  thing. not an everyday moment that happened without any cause. I think the idea of hysterectomy it self stress me out. There some alternatives medicine especially with herbal or natural medicine. I hope it work and doing good on me.

First thing first my result about the alternatives medicine that I choose is the slimy sea cucumber juice. It taste a bit weird but still smell okay. Not bad. but even it taste horribly worse, if it has the healing property, why not? If you in my position, of course you can go to the doctor, do exactly like you  had to.  in my case, I just want to do my part, my intention is to avoid the surgery. It didn’t feel right and it’s my choice to postpone the surgery my gynecologist order me to. Well I don’t find any big difference. But on  my second visit to the doctor, indicated a bit swelling so the gynecologist gave me some antibiotics.

My periods still normal and regular, it means around 25 days and heavy bleeding for 4-5 days. I get use with heavier periods and I though it’s normal for my age as pre menopause and aging process. Little did I know that it’s the myoma inside my uterus that cause heavy bleeding during the periods.

When I looked back at how my previous years it used to be heavy but not so heavy that my IUD threw out from my womb. I just realized that it could be the growing myoma that made my Intrauterine device, as my birth control device, couldn’t no longer cope the myoma’s growing inside.


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