Surprise is a surprise, weather is good or not. I was shocked with the diagnose from my gynecologist that I had to remove out my uterus, my womb because the  myoma  fibroids  was too big and risky. Oh my goodness, hysterectomy is way to big and shocked. I am 47, in a good health, thanks God but to lose one of my organ, especially a feminine organ that differ me as a complete woman, although I have already been blessed wit two beautiful yet smart daughters it’s not an easy thing. I think I need to rethinking it again and again.

Myoma Fibroids, myoma geburt, myoma uteri there’s a lot of articles you googling but basically most woman have them. It just bothering or not. Some women have heavy bleeding in their periods, cram, pain, some just have normal periods with a little fuss. It really unique and very individual symptoms. Although most woman have myomas in their uterus, it doesn’t mean a very bad condition and they can have n live peacefully with them without hesitation.

Some woman even don’t care much about the situation and finally know it was too late for medication. Of course there some choice if they don’t want a surgery procedure. But still it considered to be dangerous n painful to keep. Imagine how shocked it was when you though that everything’s fine, undercontroll and normal. It’s just almost heavy periods, cram and pain that we get used to. Then the gynecologist the myoma inside is too big and must removed out immediately.

I think I need some time to ensure my self.  it doesn’t important why and how now but for sure I must take some actions, not juat let it be and let it go. It doesn’t matter how, it must be gone as soon as possible.

I wish I could known my own body better


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