The Scenes

The Good versus The evil

Every body must have the favorite scenes from  the trilogy The Lord of The Rings. A classical tale about The Good versus The Evil, The author J.R.R. Tolkien wrote a high full fantasy story based on a very simple originally a human being must face on everyday’s life. It lied beneath our very soul and heart, the urge to fight the evil inside us, our self.

Our own fight

Our own fight, battle and war actually in conquering our self. As long as we live, a  long life goal achievement.Since we were born as a little child, our parents taught us everything: from a simple daily thing like how to eat, wearing our clothes and  shoes, how to behave, how to face our problems, the norm, the spiritual side.  We learn as a social creature from our parent and family.

Then we’re big and old enough to launch. Starting our life and our own family. Some challenging and hard yet bitter process taught us some very good reasons. To be careful and more mature.  To be flexible and more adaptive. To live in this hard and harsh stream now or die in natural selection.

But life’s more complicated and ridiculous sometimes. It is stuck and left no room for mistakes. People show their true color like some legendary well known myth creature. When things and life get tough, just remember to our core value. Every body made mistakes, just make sure get a lesson and learn from it. Just remember on the good and bright side we stand and fight for. The life it self is truly a precious gift worth fighting for.

These two favorite scenes from The Lord of The that cheer me up when thing’s getting tough.

The other scenes, from the same movie, is when everybody went down on their knees after The King said thank you for these amazing small creatures: My friends: You bow to no one. It’s a gift, a medal, a true appreciation. We could be one of them.


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