Hi All: My Own story

Hi all, every one out there.  I’am Lilya. This is my first post, my story since it’s been a very long time vacuum and hibernating in writing my own stories. Hope everything’s good in my life, your life and every one’s.

Actually the story of an ordinary woman, a common people and my every day life is not something special to share. I write here for my own shake, health and  balancing. For me, my life is a journey and don’t know yet to come. I write for relieving my stress, negative emotion. Sharing beautiful moments, insight also my own story.  Hoping that it matter and probably could make a little difference.

Why I write?

My first blog,  was in 2008-2009 I forgot whether it still exist or not. It was meant to relief my stress, anxiety and worried.  I lost my good friend in high school. A class sweetheart, because he’s so smart, good n nice everybody could easily fallen to. He was still young and full of life I guess. It  just very sad and so upsetting. I have no longer contact with a good friend since graduation when I heard that he’s gone because of a heart attack.

The second, I was so worried that I have to move to another country for several years.  My family of four, I,  my hubby and my two little girls. I had to move out to Australia and lived there for almost 4 years. It was so hectic yet a little tough. But at the end it’s really nice, cool and priceless chance and experience.

The third reason I begin to write again is my life it self that change drastically Something happened in my life, force to fast forward my life being, my life purpose and how I was so grateful for being in such happy and lucky state now. Life is such a beautiful yet amazingly journey. Enjoy life and be grateful with our gratefulness.

Enjoy reading


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